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Installing vinyl replacement windows

Set window

Shim left side

Shim right side
Close and lock the sash then set window in opening and shim bottom snug.

Locate holes

Start screws

Fasten snug

From inside, check margin around window. Check window for square and operations.
Start at top and install screws till just snug, do not overtighten, do not bend
or bow frame and do not pinch cable under screw head when installing top screws.

Foam and shim

Fill groove

Install extension

Finished extension
Install shims at screw locations or fill with foam or both. Use a good
water-cleanup minimal expanding foam designed for windows and doors like
Dap Tex Plus and fill the perimeter of window.
Cut sill extension about 1/16 to 1/8 inch less then height needed. The
corners may need to be notched as well.
Fill the sill extension groove with caulk and install extension. Be careful
and protect the vinyl when striking with a hammer.
Caulk around the perimeter inside and out with a quality caulk v


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Measuring for replacement windows
Removing the glass
Removing the frame


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