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Removing the window glass

Removing glass can be dangerous work. Protect your body especially your eyes and
wear a good pair of leather gloves at all times. Some companies break the glass
out to remove it. Breaking requires you cover the outside ground with tarps and
hanging a tarp in front of the window on the interior and possible securing the
edges with tape. Then by using a long handled hammer, like a small sledge hammer,
you strike the inside tarp hard enough to bust the glass towards the outside.
Cleaning up is extremely dangerous, you will need to be extra cautious as there
will be fine slivers of glass everywhere. If you use canvas tarps/drop cloths,
it may be impossible to ever remove all the shardes of glass. I don't recommend
this type of glass removal at all. What I would suggest is removing the glass.
If you consider the time it takes to cover everything, the clean up and moving
tarps around, it takes no more time to just remove it.

Tools needed

Cover the floor on the interior to catch any debris till the new window has
been installed. Now would be the ideal time to score any caulking or paint
if present around the inside of the frame to minimize damage to the window
wrapping and aid in separating the window frame from the opening.

You will need a heat gun, a stiff putty knife, a suction cup for handling
glass and a pair of good leather gloves. You may want to crisscross some
masking tape on each side of each pane of glass to protect yourself in the
event of accidental breakage.

Using the cup

Remove upper glass

Start at the top and heat the glass to remove the plastic strip holding the glass
in. Then heat the glass again and use the suction cup if necessary and pull on the
glass but be carefull not to melt the rubber cup. You may also have a helper on
the inside apply a couple pounds of pressure against the glass with a wooden dowel
or the butt end of a hammer till the pane comes loose. Be patient but if the pane
needs a little help push the putty knife between the metal and the glass on the
inside. Be carefull as it may crack the glass. Holding the heat in one area too
long may crack it as well. It also may be necessary to raise the sash to remove
the upper pane.

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Perparing the opening and window
Installing the replacement window

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