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Removing the frame

Remove stops

Remove spring screws

Raise the operating sash near the top and remove the stops then remove the
spring screws that are hidden behind them.

Remove any crossbars

Remove lockbars

Remove Sash

Remove any crossbars and raise operating sash near the top. Remove lockbar
from upper sash by driving it down then remove remainder of upper sash.
Lower operating sash and remove its lockbar by driving it down as well then
remove remainder of operating sash. We don't have a photo but removing a slider
window is much easier. Slid the operating sash open to the point where it will
lift then swing the bottom either in or out to remove the sash. The glass will
likely have to be removed on the fixed sash however.

Make a saw cut

Pry frame

Cut remainder of frame

Picture of nailing fin

Use a blade long enough for your reciprocating saw to cut the frame without
cutting too deep into the drywall wrap in the opening. If the wrap is stained wood
you will have to cut what you can then pry out the frame some before cutting further.
If necessary, use a scrap piece of wood to let the saws foot ride on or the foot may
be adjustable. Next, protect the brick with a strip of wood such as a shim and use a
flatbar to pry each side of the frame towards the center of the opening. Pry both upper
and lower halves at the same time till you can see the nailing fin then cut through it
as well. Now you can put on your leather gloves and pull each half towards the center
of the opening and remove them. Remove the top and bottom by starting at one end
and prying then out.

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Measuring for replacement windows
Installing the replacement window

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