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(this is what a new gear set looks like)

(picture of old installed gear set with rollers all but gone)

After securing the motor arm as stated on the previous page
Remove the three bolts holding the motor. Remove the cover screw and motor cover. Check the condition of the three nylon rollers inside. Check the condition of the small metal gear and the teeth on the regulator. If no teeth are worn off, the problem was the nylon rollers or large splined gear. If you decide to rebuild at a cost of about $20 for a replacement gear set as opposed to $60< for a whole new motor from Autozone, you will need to remove the old gear set from the housing. To do this, remove and retain for reuse, the "C" clip that secures the metal gear to the gear shaft. Pry out the small metal gear and carefully remove and retain for reuse, the "0" ring from the lower grove on the gear shaft. Remove the splined gear and clean the housing of any debris.

(housing without gears installed, clean out all debris)

Count the teeth on both the small gear and the large splined gear to be sure you get the right gear set. The one shown was a 62 tooth on the large and 9 tooth on the small gears. When you get your new gear set pry out the small metal gear and remove one roller before filling the roller compartment with the supplied grease. Cover the splined teeth on the large gear with grease and place a small amount of grease on the gear shaft before setting the large gear into the housing. Reinstall the "O" ring in the lower groove and align the metal gear back over the gear shaft. With the bottom edge of the metal gear holding the installed rollers in place, push the gear slightly to the side and raise far enough to slip the last roller in the empty slot and press the gear and roller into place. Reinstall the "C" clip to secure the gear set. It may be necessary to use a "C" clamp or a vise to compress the gear set enough to reinstall the "C" clip. Replace the cover and cover screw

(a packed bearing before installing cover)

After reinstalling gear cover and screw, align and reinstall motor back onto the regulator bracket

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Door panel removal
Regulator removal
Parts inspection

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