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1995 Mercury Cougar window regulator

(picture of door with regulator and equalizer brackets removed)

Removing the regulator
If glass is up in the fully closed position, with one hand on each side of glass, press down firmly then press the window button towards the down position for a second or two and repeat pressing down till the two bolts that attach the glass to the regulator bracket is visable in the access holes on the inner panel then remove both bolts. Position the window in the fully raised position and prop if necessary. Disconnect the motor wiring. Remove the two nut on each side of the large hole to the left that secure the equalizer bracket.

There are four rivets holding the regulator and motor to the doors inner panel. I used a drift punch to remove the center pins before drilling out the rivets with a 1/4 inch drill bit. You may need to knock the heads off the rivets with a chisel to remove them completely or use a slightly larger bit. Remove the regulator through the large hole to the left.

Before removing the motor from the regulator read this completely. I learned this the hard way. It was obvious to see there was spring tension on the arm attaching the motor to the regulator. I misjudged just how much and the clamp I used didn't hold. When the motor is removed from its mounting bracket, the bracket will spring counterclockwise, as shown in the picture, till it hits the regulator arm. A 1/4 x 2-1/2 inch bolt secured with a nut through the rivet hole just above the coil spring (or to the left of the coil spring when viewing the picture) will help keep this from happening. Run the motor till the bolt rests against the regulator arm before proceeding.

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