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If you are purchasing a new entry knob and having it rekeyed,
it is a good idea to also have it checked and, if necessary,
setup for left or right hand operation as described in the last
paragraph below. If your not sure if yours is setup correctly,
read the last paragraph now.

Position the handle
Remove the handle and hold the half with the lock in your hand.
Looking at the shaft protruding from the very center inside
the C shaped post, turn the shaft till the tab at its base is
at the midway position and is pointing towards the screw post
in front of it.

Locate tab to release lock shaft

Tab extends down from plate
In front of the opposite screw post and below the plate that the
center shaft extends from there is a another plate with a tab
that when pushed in will release the center shaft.

Depress tab

Another view

Notice plate has moved
Place a medium sized flat blade screw driver between the screw
post and the tab as shown and turn the screw driver blade to
push in the tab. Pull the center shaft from the handle and set
to one side.

Notice the clips
Use a light and look inside the hole where the shaft was located.
Notice the two black clips, one on each side and inline with the
screw posts. These secure the lock inside the handle. To release
the lock, these clips must be pried gently inward towards the
center of the opening.

Locate front clip

Locate rear clip
Without the proper tool, two small flat blade screw drivers will
suffice. Depress the tab once again that released the center shaft
to give you some more room. Starting with the clip opposite the
open side of the C shaped post, insert the first screw driver into
the opening and rotate the blade as you push in untill you feel the
blade is behind the clip. While holding that screw driver steady
against the C shaped post post, insert the second screw driver from
the side and position behind the second clip.

Gently pry together

Raise handle

Lock and shaft removed
At this point the screw drivers should criss cross each other as they exit
the opening. While maintaining slight downward pressure on the screw
drivers, gently pull both screw driver handles together to ply the clips
inward towards the center as you raise the handle to allow the lock to
fall out.

Reinstall center shaft
Hold the handle out in front of you as if you were about to install it
into the latch, remembering the outer curved side of the C shaped
center post faces towards the latch side of the door (no photo).
You will need to rotate the lock so that the cuts on the key will be facing up when
it is inserted in the keyway. Reinsert the lock into the handle untill the
clips enguage and the lock is held secure. Reinstall center shaft by pushing
into opening till it clicks. Install handle on door.

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