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Patio Covers

Freestanding Covers
1.) Freestanding covers are much like arbors as far as column and framing member selection. The columns on a freestanding cover usually will need to be buried in concrete, again like a freestanding arbor. Please refer to the section on arbors for tips on column selection, preparation and setting.

Attached Covers
2.) Covers that are attached to a substantial structure such as a home or garage on the other hand do not necessarily need to have its support columns buried in concrete although that may be more desirable. Instead, if the attached structure is built over concrete, there are special brackets available to anchor the columns to the concrete. It may be necessary to add concrete footings where the columns will be placed. Ask your local building inspector.

Beams and Columns
3.) Hopefully you chose to review the section on arbors mentioned in step #1 above. Also review the calculator for lumber sizing depending on the span. It will be necessary to know the weight of all material from the columns up to be able to determine sizing of the beams and columns. However, in order to do this it will be necessary to know all the material involved. If you feel this sounds like a "catch-22", you could make some scetches with close as possible measurments of your project and take them to a lumberyard that has an individule able to assist in your design requirments. Let's start by figuring the quantity and length of material needed and worry about the sizing later.


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