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Selecting a Location
For what ever reason you need/want to put down concrete, whether to extend your driveway, build an arbor or patio cover, or just putting in a sidewalk, check the location carefully. Things to lookout for would include, property lines or sprinkler heads and plumbing cleanouts. If digging deep holes or trenches, call either your gas or electric company and they can stear you to whoever will come and flag for underground utilities.

Determine Elevation
The height and slope of the finished surface is important and depends on its purpose. For example, adding to your existing foundation the surface would be level or at least as level as your existing surface But if your pouring a driveway or sidewalk, your work will need to have a slope for water to run off.

Reinforcement is critical. Depending on what the concrete is used for will determine what type of reinforcement is needed. Choose a Project Type above to find an answer to these and other questions.

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